What to Expect for Your Session

Your photo session. Ah, yes. You’ve been waiting (or dreading) this moment for days, maybe even months. The thought of gathering family members, finding the right outfit, praying the weather gods cooperate, makes you cringe and maybe even laugh a little maniacally.

Don’t fret. That is my No. 1 rule with my clients. NO STRESS.

We’ve been there. We’ve been to the franchise studio where we crammed a million different outfit changes into an hour session, with a couple of backdrop/scene changes. It resulted in breakdowns (yes, even the kids were upset). The tantrums, tears, forced smiles and even bribery of a Cinnabon snack stick … a distant memory, one we can laugh about, but at the time, it wasn’t funny.

My sessions are laid back and filled with zero stress. Sure, it may be stressful leading up to it, but really, it doesn’t need to be. I capture your every day life, every day moments, whether it’s with your pet, your children or grandparents. I don’t force photos. I may ask my subjects to smile for the camera for a couple of “fireplace mantel” shots, but I dare not focus on trying to get poses.

What to expect out of your session: Other than receiving hand-crafted, creative photos of your beautiful family/self, expect to have fun. Expect to laugh, be yourself and embrace the tiny details you may overlook from time to time. Don’t expect to be stressed. Don’t expect to force a cheesy smile or rope your children into a cooperative stance for the entire session. Expect to snuggle, get close, hug, kiss, act silly, take walks, read, rest and relax while I sneak around with my camera.

In the end, what memories will you remember? The time when your daughter carried around her rubber frog for two weeks, snuggling with it and covering it with a blanket, or when you all posed stiffly for photos?

Let me do the work. Let me capture the beauty in your small moments.